Monday, 23 April 2012

Starting something new

Welcome to my blog! After following so many of the amazing sewing blogs out there and being inspired by all the creativity out there I hope I can inspire you as I have been.

I signed up to participate in the Kids Clothing Week Challenge over at elsie marley and I'm so excited to get started. The past week as I've made my plan and it's been so hard to not jump into it. Instead I've been trying to finish other projects I have on the go so I can focus on the projects I've picked for the challenge.

So here is my short list: one sleepsack for the darling boy, and for the sweet girl a ruffled tunic and sailor pants to go with a top made earlier this month.

Here is my starting point:

For today's hour of sewing I cut the blue and white fabrics for the sleep sack and started working on the pattern for the purple tunic. Tomorrow, I sew!