Friday, 27 September 2013

What's for Dinner?

I will confess that I am one of those people who regularly tries out new recipes on guests. Every time I do I berate myself about it as I anxiously await the results, hoping desperately that everything will be edible. It usually is. The other night I decided to do something I never do, try out a recipe that I would entertain with on my family, you know, learn and save myself some anxiety.

So for a mid-week dinner I decided to test out a Souffle recipe. Best of all, it worked! I was so surprised and proud to have done it, I just had to share.

It was a goat cheese and herb souffle (hence the vivid green colour) and even my kids loved it. If you're feeling like trying one out this recipe was from Essential Pepin by Jacques Pepin, a cookbook I love and have amazing success with.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ready, Set, Latch - Prize Set

I was asked to supply a prize for the National Breastfeeding Challenge taking place on October 5th. It was funny how it played through my head, at first it was panic - I'm a new business, there's not a lot of room for giveaways....then I thought of all those lonely night feeds and I thought ABSOLUTELY! we should get a prize for breastfeeding! All those early, uncomfortable and even painful days, the "I feel like a cow" growth spurts, the mountain of laundry because you leak around the nursing pad...they deserve some recognition. I know we get those beautiful moments where baby is so peaceful and the world seems to quiet just so not to disturb their precious slumber and it's rewarding in itself. But I found myself doing this in recognition of the not so peaceful moments, the bouts of mastitis, the improper latch, the colicky baby where Mom's persevere to do the best they can.

That said, I still made something for baby because as a Mom I love cute stuff for my kids. It makes me happy and I hope this cuddly bathrobe makes another Mom happy too!


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Friday, 13 September 2013

A Friday Ramble

Well it's been a week of change here. I guess you could say that this week in addition to having 2 kids in school (kindergarten and preschool) I've also made the transition from stay-at-home mom to work-from-home mom. I know you're probably thinking it's a pretty subtle change and since I've been running my etsy shop for almost 18 months now I guess it is, but the mindset has changed. For the first time in over 5 years I have goals that are only mine and I'm kind of enjoying it.

I really struggled with the decision to enrol my youngest in a full time program, but he is happy and challenged and with week 1 behind us, I think it was the right choice for him. Did you send your kids to preschool? or keep them with you until they were school age?

On the sewing front, I can't believe the productivity when it's just me and the sewing machine in daylight hours. Of course I've been having so much fun trying out new patterns for my shop that I've fallen behind on the photography....but hey, that's what Monday's for!

Anyhow, because I don't really have photo's of my own projects I thought I'd share a few pinterest finds that have inspired me this week:

I love the patchwork denim! I think for a bean bag cover or floor cushion in a teen or soon to be teen's room they would look amazing and wear beautifully. I feel an upcycle project coming on!
It was such a fall feeling day that these coasters are just the perfect addition to a cup of warm apple cider, a good book and maybe the first fire of the season.
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Have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Facebook Page - at last!

I feel like this post should probably also be titled "Late to the Party" but I have finally created the Thread facebook page. I first created it in March but then was reluctant to publish it until I had all the photo's listed. Finally, as I set about trying to load a few more products I thought...why not publish the page and THEN finish loading the photos when there may actually be an audience to see them?!

So I love to have you stop by an check out the page, I should have new photos going up regularly!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Late to the party

Well I had almost talked myself out of participating in the sew along for project run and play Season 8 but it's been ages since I sewed anything for the kiddo's and I can't seem to help playing with ideas for the popover dress remix so I'm giving to sew furiously into the night.