Tuesday, 8 May 2012


It is finally warm enough to start thinking about planting. Okay, truthfully, I've been thinking about it since the snow melted. You see we have this really amazing garden in our backyard. The past couple of years we've produced enough that we barely need to buy any vegetables through the summer months. I'm pretty proud of being able to keep my fridge full of fresh veggies and even put some away for the winter.

Here is what my garden looks like now, you can see my one sad little strawberry plant. There were more but the local bunny population seems to like strawberry greens as an early spring snack. So we are left with one strawberry, some thyme, chives, mint and parsley that made it through the winter. Not much, but it's a start.

This year we started from seeds indoors. This was new for us, since we usually just go buy the plants and put them straight into the garden. However, with my daughter approaching 4, I thought it was a good year to watch the seeds grow. We were pretty fortunate since many of our plants sprouted within a couple of days and she was able to watch them grow. Of course now she's lost interest in the little plants but I know we'll get her back when it's time to start playing in the dirt.

But my absolute favourite part of my garden has to be the lilac trees, they always mean summer is just around the corner and the beautiful scent and colour makes even a gray day brighter.

Happy May!