Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Soup Rut

I love soup, it's one of the best parts of winter. When it's cold outside and you're chilled it's the perfect meal. And this is what it looks like outside...brrr!

Of course, to my dismay, my kids have refused to eat any form of homemade soup or stew until recently. If it didn't come from a can they would take one taste and push it away. That isn't to say they would eat a wide variety of canned soups, they eat 2 varieties, tomato and cream of mushroom. I tried making homemade tomato soup....nope!

So when I happened upon this tomato tortellini soup on pinterest I thought soup may be worth another try. How perfect could it be, with a base of their favourite tomato soup, combined with pasta, their number one choice for dinner any had to work.

Here is how mine turned out.

I didn't stick 100% to the recipe since I didn't have enough cream cheese or the right flavor. Instead I used plain cream cheese with a little cream, plus a sprinkle of cheddar to add more flavor  The kids loved it! Ate it for dinner and left overs the next day. Of course next time I plan to work from a tomato sauce instead of soup....but at least we're on our way out of the soup rut.