Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ready, Set, Latch - Prize Set

I was asked to supply a prize for the National Breastfeeding Challenge taking place on October 5th. It was funny how it played through my head, at first it was panic - I'm a new business, there's not a lot of room for giveaways....then I thought of all those lonely night feeds and I thought ABSOLUTELY! we should get a prize for breastfeeding! All those early, uncomfortable and even painful days, the "I feel like a cow" growth spurts, the mountain of laundry because you leak around the nursing pad...they deserve some recognition. I know we get those beautiful moments where baby is so peaceful and the world seems to quiet just so not to disturb their precious slumber and it's rewarding in itself. But I found myself doing this in recognition of the not so peaceful moments, the bouts of mastitis, the improper latch, the colicky baby where Mom's persevere to do the best they can.

That said, I still made something for baby because as a Mom I love cute stuff for my kids. It makes me happy and I hope this cuddly bathrobe makes another Mom happy too!


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