Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Back to Handmade - Chevron Relay Dress

It's not as though I ever really stop producing handmade but this dress is the first item I've finished for my kids since February. The last Kids Clothing week was a complete bust for me. Between a great surge in my business and a 3 week bout with Bronchitis I never made it beyond picking fabrics and cutting out patterns. So now, as I'm winding down the custom order side of my business for the summer, it was important to make something new for one of my family amidst all the stock sewing I've been doing for the shop.

I can't remember when I came across this Striped Relay Tutorial over at iCandy Handmade, I'm sure it was almost 2 years ago because I remember being intimidated by having to size it for a smaller child. However, here is one of those beautiful examples of procrastination working out because now my almost 6 yr old is wearing a size 5 perfectly. I love dresses with leggings, my daughter is incredibly active, always on a bike and the long, flowy dresses she loves to wear are highly impractical. Outfits like this are the happy medium in our house.

To make the dress I followed the tutorial right up to the last steps where instead of finishing the edges with elastic trim I used the double needle on all the hems. I haven't done many project with the twin needles so far but I have to say I love how it turned out. I did upsize the bow a bit, the first bow I made with the measurements on the pattern became a hair bow with just a piece of 1/8"elastic looped through and a bow that was 2" larger was put on the dress.

This was such an easy pattern to follow (mostly sewn on the serger which I love!) that I'm now thinking I may watch for some fall fabrics and do a couple up for the next school year. I think by widening the arm openings slightly it would be a great layering piece once the weather turns cool.