Monday, 26 August 2013


Sorry, last week's posts got a little derailed. These last few weeks of August I always find get a little insane, between trying to fit in the last few days of daytrips and fun before school starts and trying to get everyone back into a normal routine so next week's return to school is as smooth as possible.

Anyhow, amongst all the insanity I've also had a great week at my shop. I started a new custom project just yesterday for some custom felt masks that I'm finding really fun. I have to say the reception to these masks has been excellent. My kids play with theirs almost everyday and they were even part of our own party loot bags.

These are the standard masks:


For this custom project I'm making the masks a little bigger to accomodate some embellishment and I think they are super cute for a fun mixed birthday party.

Happy Monday!