Friday, 7 February 2014

KCW - Snap! pajamas

So I'm finding the process of blogging as I go, instead of just writing about the finished pieces to be disconcerting. It's made me recognize that a lot of the projects we sew for our families take time that is so easily dismissed because at the end it was only a pair of pajama's or a dress. Now, because I really am only doing the hour per day, and a broken hour at that. I found myself on day 3 with just one pair of pj's ready. In my plan at the start of the week, I had assumed that I would have both pairs done and probably a good start on the nightgown. Ah, reality! Such a cruel mistress!

For this pair of pj's I started with a pair of pajama pants that were a little long and traced them, adding seam allowance, hem and room for the elastic waist. (In this photo I have drawn it too narrow at the waist, if you use this method remember to add more width than I am showing - I had to redraw it and forgot to retake the photo.)

For the shirt I used the MADE Basic tee tutorial. This is the first time I've used the pattern pieces from the tutorial since they are offered in a 4T-5T but it made it even faster to be able to simple print and cut the pattern. I did extend the sleeve length since it's winter here and if anyone else is reading this from the NE you know it's been a REAL winter this year!

Of course it wouldn't be KCW if I didn't decide to do something I've never done. So I decided to cut some of the shapes out of the pattern and applique them on the shirt. I will admit to having no idea how to do this but vaguely remember reading something last year on how to applique so working from that foggy memory I used a heat n'bond product to put the appliques on the t-shirt, then I put some interfacing on the back of the shirt fabric since it's a thin jersey. Finally I finished the appliques with a satin stitch around the whole thing. I just hope they stay on through the wash!

From there I cheated, or at least it feels like cheating, and used my serger to sew everything possible. All the pant seams, all the top seams except the cuffs which I used my sewing machine for.

And here is my smiling guy hamming it up with what he's calling the Snap! Pajama's.

And if anyone has any tips for how to applique properly I would love to hear them! They made these pajama's so much more fun.