Thursday, 19 July 2012

Project Management

I am currently finding it amazing that there was a time in my life when I felt in control of a series of projects all at the same time, when currently I can't seem to get my head above water. What is it about motherhood that seems to keep me treading water in the deep end all day?

I've tried all kinds of systems this year to try and keep my projects rolling, my house clean, my kids entertained and stimulated and I feel like nothing has been successful, yet. So here is my next attempt, I found this blog planner on pinterest:

Please check out the explanations at This is a great discussion of how I've felt the past few months and I am so excited to give her planner a try. If you know of any other planners out there I'd love to hear from you so I can compare them over the next few weeks.

Here's hoping things start rolling smoother, I'm tired of swimming! :)