Tuesday, 23 April 2013

KCW Day 2 - A little dose of spring

I had hoped to get some photo's of this skirt being worn. But other than a brief fashion show over pajamas we just didn't get there today. I had bought this twill fabric with the intent to line a spring jacket with it, thinking the white background stood a chance if it was facing away from the dirt that my daughter always seems to find. In the end I couldn't resist doing something to show it off, and since she loved it too AND it's not pink or purple here's hoping it makes it through at least a couple of wearings!

I used the simple skirt tutorial from MADE. I love the tutorials Dana writes, they were some of the first ones I found when I started sewing 18 months ago and while I haven't had a chance to use many of them yet they have stayed on my to do list for ages.

Of course I had to use my little tags again. That's all for today but I have more coming for tomorrow!