Monday, 15 April 2013

KCW Planning

Are you stocking up on fabric for next week's Kids Clothing Week? I happen to have a pretty good stockpile of fabrics already so I'm now at the point of trying to decide what to make, and which fabrics to use. I have also realised my clothing list is pretty girl heavy so I may need to run out and find something suitable for my little guy.

Here is the list I have going so far:

1. Pink & Polka Dot Tunic (my design)
2. Coral & Polka Dot Sundress (my design)
3. Purple Halter
4. Chevron Skirt
5. Boys Spring Poncho
6. Girls Spring Poncho

Other ideas I don't have fabric for.... boys shirt (I really love the one here), unisex hoodie (something like this one), fabric headbands (nothing like a little scrap busting that can also work as loot bag fillers when birthday season arrives next month).

On top of all of this there are 2 tops for me I'd like to finish, plus 2 fantastic patchwork poufs I've been commissioned for based on this one we found on pinterest:

Do you pre-cut all your fabrics and patterns and use the kids clothing week as pure sewing time? Or do you do all your prep as you go? I have to confess that the previous 2 challenges I've really struggled to get all my prep done and usually end up with only one or two pieces completed at the end. I'm really hoping this week to have a good pile of completed projects ready for spring / summer this year so I'm planning to do all the shopping, washing and pattern cutting in advance. This way it becomes an hour of pinning and sewing each day. We'll see how well that works out! :)