Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Kid's Clothing Week - Winter

I can't wait. After wrapping up a recent trip to the fabric store with my youngest I have a nice list of projects that will be perfect to start next week!
After months without requests the "can you make me" requests have started again. It's been a hard balance, when I started sewing it was intended to be for the kids, home made costumes maybe a party dress or two, a cute bow tie. Then it turned into a business and this year with the etsy shops being busier than ever the pleasure sewing the "we can make anything" fun that I used to have with the kids has fallen by the wayside. But it's back, I'm working on my first tutorial (which I hope to post early next month), I'm making new products for the shops and I have the beginning of a KCW Challenge list. Time to charge up the camera and make sure I'm stocked up on thread!
My sewing list:
pajama's (his & hers)
spring dress
light weight vest
Jake vest for the dress up box
I've started the week with more ambitious lists, but here's hoping a few season's of experience will have given me a more realistic goal!
Happy sewing!